A visitor in my Garden!

There's something wonderful about finding a rabbit in your garden!  This beautiful "wide" eyed lovely has a rabbit hole just in the far corner of my garden and I just admit that I feel like I'm living in the country instead of my little Brighton town when I find him munching on my plants early morning!
Well, now on to something related to quilting!
I just had a visit on Linda Franz's website "Inklingo".   If you haven't been over, please visit her site and order for " free"  her new Hexagon Design Book (Value $20.00)...I just ordered it and I am so excited.  I haven't even seen it yet but I know the quality of the books and cd's I've purchased from her in the past that there will be amazing detail...what a generous person she is!  Don't you just love FREE! She also has a wonderful video on how to piece a Grandmother's Flower Garden Block, so if you've never explored the tradition of english paper piecing, now's the time.  There's still plenty of summer evenings to spend on your front porch stitching!
Hope you all are enjoying the lovely summer we are having,


  1. I'd love a litte visitor like this in my garden! Well OK, there are 4 rabbits permanently in my garden, but I want this little fella too!

  2. I have 4 houserabbits you can see here:-

  3. Wow the rabbit loved to visit your garden.

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