Got any Tips on Organizing your Quilting Room?

Hi Everyone...I'm just in the process of organizing my quilting room!  I pulled everything out and I'm starting from scratch with an empty room.  I have been using trolleys for a number of years for putting small rulers, thread, etc which I find really helpful!  I also have a label printer to label the drawers once I place the items inside.  Keeping it organized is always another thing!  I have a lot of fat quarters and scraps!  Currently I keep my scraps organized by color on billy boy shelves from Ikea.  I have been storing my fat quarters in tubs but I think I need a change.  Got any tips or ideas you wish to share with me?  How to you organize your room?
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  1. I have a closet with shelves, top to bottom. The fat quarters and small pieces of fabric are organized by type into plastic sweater boxes with labels on the outside (civil war, 30's, batik, little boys, little girls, vintage, large floral, novelty, etc) and then the ones that don't fit in those categories are by color. Blue, royal blue, navy blue, aqua, turq, pale blue, purple, red, rose, pink, hot pink,.... well you get the picture. This system is working well for me. I also have some bins with started projects and everything for that project inside (pattern, cut pieces, extra fabric, thread, etc). Good luck with organizing


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