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Friday, August 9, 2013

Finding Molly!

Just had to add this post from a friend, Lynda Smyth!  She recently finished piecing Lydia's Pattern Stardust Serenade!  What a lovely quilt!  Find Molly in the photo...Lynda said "Molly was found in a garbage bin outside of Shopper's Drug Mart on Dec. 30, 2010...weighed 3 lbs, her tail was like a pencil.  I think she landed in a bed of roses.....and does she ever love quilting! "  Don't you just love quilter's who rescue animals!!!
Stardust Serenade is a real scrappy quilt...Lynda always does her own thing on every pattern, as she is a very accomplished quilter and teacher.    She added..." note that I did not machine piece the center or the outside of each block.  The center 4 pieces form a circle, so I made it a circle and appliqued it to the arcs, the outside 4 pieces when joined form a circle, so I turned under the seam allowance and reverse machine appliqued it to each block.  Was marvellous and saved a lot of piecing...went like a charm!"
If you would like to see Lydia's pattern Stardust Serenade, please visit our website at  I've included a picture below of Lydia's original quilt!

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  1. I so love this pattern! Got it in the mail yesterday, have it out reading the directions and making plans for it.



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